SpeedySend - the App in a nutshell

SpeedySend's purpose is to send E-Mail and/or photos with an absolute minimum number of screen tap interactions.

Set it up to communicate with your friends or for your business needs.

16 user-definable buttons allow you to send a photo or an E-Mail to its destination with just a few taps.

  • Automatically sets up your E-Mail message for you including any photo taken, the subject line and your signature.
  • Works in all orientations.
  • Works with Evernote® *
  • Works with iPhones and iPads with a camera, Internet access and E-Mail.
  • Works with iOS 6 and later versions.
  • Sends your photos in high or low resolution.
  • Images taken can be saved to your camera roll.
  • With newer iPhones and iPads, you can just speak your message using Apple's Siri® voice recognition software and then tap send.

An attractive but minimalist user interface means this App will serve you as daily working tool of the highest calibre.

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