SpeedySend - The Main Interface


This is the main screen of the App. Currently, it displays 16 buttons, each of which can be targeted to a specific E-Mail address.

The first time you run SpeedySend, all the buttons are blank. Use the Setup screen to assign your favorite email addresses to these buttons.

Once you tap a send button, an E-Mail is created for you addressed and ready to go. All you have to do is add the message text via typing or using Apple's Siri® voice recognition software and then press Send

If you want to include a photo with your E-Mail, tap the camera icon on the lower left first to take a photo and then tap a button to send it.

Note that you can take your photos in either portrait or landscape orientation and regardless of how you take them, they will always arrive at their E-Mail destination correctly displayed.

You can also have the photos you take recorded into the device's camera roll (see Options), just as if you'd taken them with the device's standard camera.

And also note that if you plan to use this App primarily to send photos, you can set it up (see Options) to proceed directly to the camera when starting the App.