SpeedySend - Options


The App's options can be accessed by tapping the button with three horizontal bars, which may be found on the upper left of both the Send and Setup Area screens. This button will take you to the Utilities screen where you will see an About button and an Options button.

Choosing the Options button will place you in the options area. Here, in addition to the 'Tips' buttons, you will find the option configuration buttons.


'Save Photos to Camera Roll?' allows you to decide if the photos you take for E-Mailing will also be saved to your device's Camera Roll (just as the standard camera does).

If you choose to save your photos to the camera roll, they will be always be saved there at the full resolution they were taken at; regardless of any other options you may set.

'Go to Camera at Program Start?' allows you to decide if the Camera will be presented immediately when the App starts running or not.

If you intend to use SpeedySend to primarily take photos and send them quickly, then this is a good option to set.

Configuring the App like this for the way you primarily intend to use it will save you time and screen taps later. In any case nothing is lost because the camera can always be accessed or ignored, as you like, at any time.

'Minimize E-Mailed image size?' this option allows you to save bandwidth and to avoid an extra query, if you wish.

When this option is enabled, photos sent with SpeedySend will automatically be reduced in size to a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels prior to being E-Mailed.

Preemptively reducing the image's size like this allows you to avoid having the device's software ask if you want to send your photo at: 'Small', 'Medium', Large' or 'Actual Size' before the E-Mail is sent.

So, if you are willing to send your photos at 1024 x 768, then this option allows you to avoid the sizing query, save time, save taps, and lessen your Internet bandwidth usage.