SpeedySend - Setup

Tapping the Setup button on the Send Area screen will take you here to the Setup screen.

Setup allows you to view, create, delete or edit the configuration data for any of the 16 Send Buttons.

You will see three white text fields here and, just below them, several blue buttons. The following will explain these fields and buttons.


Let's assume you are going to setup a Send Button for our friend, Catlin.

The first text field is where you enter the label for the button. Here, you will enter,'Catlin'.

The second text field is where you enter Catlin's E-Mail address.

And the third text field is where you enter any (optional) text that you want to appear on the subject line of E-Mail you send to Catlin.

Once you have entered the setup data for a button, tap the Done button on the keyboard to dismiss the it. And then tap the blue Save button to save your data.

The blue buttons in the Setup area should be fairly self-explanatory.

Tapping the < and > buttons take you forwards and backwards through the existing button definitions.

Tapping New allows you to setup a new button definition.

Tapping Save saves the data for a button you have just defined or modified.

Tapping Delete removes an existing button definition.

Between the < and > buttons, you can see how many buttons have been defined of the maximum allowed.

And finally, you will see a checkbox that allows you to individually lock each button's definition to prevent its accidental modification or erasure. Note that the locking is engaged automatically when you perform a Save.

Because of the lesser vertical screen area, only 12 buttons can be defined if you are using an older 3.5" iPhone