SpeedySend and the EVERNOTE® service *

Evernote® now allows notes to be injected into your Evernote® Account via E-Mails.

One very powerful use of SpeedySend is to use it to send such E-Mailed notes into your Evernote® Account with a minimum of screen taps.

The subject line of an E-Mail that is sent to Evernote® can be configured to define:

  • the note's name
  • the notebook the note is to be placed in
  • a reminder time for the note
  • and any Tags to be associated with the note


Details from Evernote®; itself on how to configure your E-Mail's subject line may be found here

SpeedySend makes sending E-Mails to your Evernote® Account easy because you can setup numerous Send Buttons, along with their required subject line configurations, once and then forget them.

As an example, let's assume that you are an executive who needs to capture various appointments and new task data while you are on the road. And you want to send this information to Evernote® on your desktop system via E-Mail.

Here's how to do this efficiently using Evernote® and SpeedySend Send Buttons.

In the screen shot to the left, we've prefaced each of the buttons setup for Evernote® with "E-" to denote that they are Evernote® related buttons. Remember, you can have up to 16 buttons setup for various purposes. You can, of course, name your Send Button's using whatever naming conventions you like.

These example buttons allow you to send notes into your Evernote® Account to record the following types of data:

  • business meeting appointments
  • business socializing appointments
  • personal appointments
  • new tasks related to your board work
  • new tasks associated with your corporate work


These are arbitrary categories meant to show you SpeedySend's innate flexibility when used with Evernote®.

Let's try a real-world example. Suppose you want to remember an appointment for a business meeting that you have just found out about.

Run SpeedySend, tap the "E-ApptBizMtg" button and immediately the E-Mail to the right appears.

Note that the E-Mail is pre-addressed to your Evernote® E-Mail address and that the E-Mail's subject line has been loaded with the following text:

New Appt @Incoming #BizMtg

This subject line text says that when Evernote® receives your E-Mail, New Appt, is the new note's name, @Incoming is the name of the the Notebook to place the note in and #BizMtg is a tag to be associated with the new note.

When the E-Mail is created for you, the cursor is positioned and waiting for you to enter whatever text you like detailing the meeting's date, time and location and any other relevant particulars.


You can enter text here using the keyboard. But, if you have a later model iPhone or iPad, you will probably prefer to tap the microphone button and speak your message and let Apple's Siri® voice recognition software create the text for you.

To the left is what your E-Mail might look like after you've entered some text with details for your secretary.

The last thing to do, after you've reviewed the E-Mail, is to push the Send button and listen to the 'whoosh' sound as your E-Mail departs for your Evernote® mailbox and then into your Evernote® Account data.

Your Evernote® E-Mail address

To use SpeedySend with Evernote® you will need to find your Evernote® email address. It will look something like this:


Your Evernote® E-Mail address will be located under Account Info in the desktop versions of Evernote®, under Settings in Evernote® Web, and in the Sync tab of Evernote® for iPhone.

It is a matter of significant convenience that no matter how many SpeedySend buttons you setup for use with Evernote®, you will always use this same Evernote® E-Mail address as the target E-Mail address.

Setting up a SpeedySend Send Button for Evernote®

Setting up a Send Button is easy. Only three data elements are required.

  • A title for the button. Something like E-ApptBizMtg
  • The E-Mail address. In this case [username]
  • The text for the subject line. In this case, New Appt @Incoming #BizMtg

SpeedySend has a special Setup area that makes setting up individual Send Buttons easy.

Things to note about sending data into Evernote® via E-Mail:

  • This functionality only works for existing Evernote® notebooks and tags
  • At this time, you cannot create new notebooks or tags with this feature
  • In the subject line, always put the note title first, then add any notebooks or tags
  • This feature will not work for notebook names that contain an '@' or a '#', and it will not work for tags that contain a '#' in their name.