SpeedySend - communicate with your friends


This is my current SpeedySend screen. I've got a mix of things here. 12 of my Send Buttons are assigned to myself, my friends and my relations and two are setup to make use of Evernote® *.

Communicating this way is really fast. If I want to drop my partner, Colette, a quick note at work, I simply tap the appropriate button and a pre-addressed E-Mail appears on my screen. Then I tap the Siri® voice recognition software microphone button and say what I want to tell her. Then I tap the Send button, I hear the whoosh and I am done.

Alternatively, if I want to send Colette a photo of something, I tap the camera button on the lower left, shoot the photo and accept it. Once I've accepted it, I am returned to the Send Area where I tap Colette's work button and, once again, I am presented with a pre-addressed E-Mail. This time, however, the E-Mail contains the photo I've just taken. Again, I tap the Siri® microphone button and say what I want to tell her about the photo. Then I tap the Send button, I hear the whoosh and I am done.

Too easy!

The two buttons at the bottom, '_EN_Books' and '_EN_Movies', are especially powerful and useful. Whenever I find out about a movie or a book I want to see or read, I use these buttons to record them.

These buttons send E-Mail into my Evernote® Account using Evernote's® public E-Mail interface (read about this interface from Evernote® itself here).

My send buttons are configured so that the E-Mails I send place the data I want to preserve directly into the Evernote® Account Notebooks that I've setup to record notes on the books and movies I am interested in.

Nothing could be easier. If I see a book I want and I tap the '_EN_Books' send button, then I am immediately presented with an E-Mail pre-addressed to my Evernote® Account.

On the Subject line of this E-Mail are the directives necessary to tell Evernote® to create a new note for me entitled, 'BookName and to write this note into my Evernote® Notebook entitled, 'BooksToFind. I can even attach a reminder time and date and an Evernote® tag to the new note if I want to all using directives pre-setup on the E-Mail's subject line.

Here's the way it actually happens:

I see the book I want to remember, I tap the '_EN_Books' send button, the pre-setup E-Mail appears, I tap the Siri® voice recognition software button, I speak the name of the book and anything else I want to remember, like perhaps who told me about it, and then I tap the E-Mail's send button and listen to the whoosh as the E-Mail departs for my Evernote® Account. That's it!

Using SpeedySend's camera button, I could even have captured a photo of the book's cover and included it with my new Evernote® note, if I had wanted to.

Too easy!

You can find out more about setting up SpeedySend to work with Evernote's® E-Mail interface here).