SpeedySend and the Building Inspector


In your work, you move from site to site collecting photographs and notes daily as part of your building inspection work. You deal with topics like foundations, framing, electrical, roofing and etc.

With SpeedySend, you would define a button for each of these topics (see the screen shot to the left).

You have 16 buttons available and not all of them need to be work related. By using special characters, like '*' or '_', as the first character of a Button's name, you can cause the buttons themselves sort into groups.


In the morning, before setting off for the day's first inspection, you would edit each applicable send button and put the first job site's identifier into the subject line. Here, the job id is 'Carmine'.

At the job site, you take photos and add any appropriate text commentary. Your notes can be entered manually using the keyboard or, more preferably, using the Siri® voice recognition software. Apple includes it on its newer devices. See to the right for what an E-Mail might look like after you've added your notes.

When finished with each photo and its notes, you send the E-Mail to your desktop computer where it will be waiting for you when you return to write up the day's inspections.

As you move to each new job site, you edit the applicable Send Buttons to put the new job site's identifier into the subject line.

At the end of the day, when you return to the office, all the E-Mails you have generated during the day are waiting on your system. You can sort them by their title lines and they will sort by inspection type and by job ID. Or you can sort them by date and time written and they will be listed in the order you created them. In any case, all the information is there in one place ready to be copied and pasted into the reports you write up on the day's inspections.