SpeedySend and business receipts

You have several types of receipts you are responsible for collecting on business trips.

With SpeedySend, you label one button as Meals, another as Transportion and a third as Accommodation.

Each of these buttons can be addressed to your E-Mail address on your work computer.

As you are traveling and gather receipts, you snap pictures of them with SpeedySend and then tap the appropriate button to send them on their way.

Later, when you are back at your desk, all these E-Mails are there in your in-box, date and time stamped, with all your receipt images attached as enclosures.

Sort them together

Want even finer control? When you define these Send Buttons, you can enter the text that will appear on your E-Mail's subject line like so:.

For the Meals button, make the subject line say, "Receipts - Meals".

For the Transportion button, make the subject line say, "Receipts - Transportation".

For the Accommodation button, make the subject line say, "Receipts - Accommodation".

Later, when you are looking at your incoming E-Mail, you can sort it all by subject and all the Meals, Transportion and Accommodation E-Mails will group together to make things even easier.